our philosophy

delivering better value

Right Package Right Price

We trust that we can offer the correct overall package at the right price. Our manufacturer neutrality enables us to design and specify the best product for the application and offer the correct solution for you. Our offers will not be heavily over engineered or low cost and quality.

We firmly believe in offering the right product at the right price and delivering the right job for you.

Our partnership approach

At Valveforce we believe in the partnership approach. From the outset we work closely with all our customers to determine the right technical and commercial solution to suit your needs.

Our reputation is built on providing our clients with excellent service, detailed application knowledge and the supply of high quality solutions and valve packages that demonstrate great value.

We take great care in specifying and supplying products that serve the customer most effectively over the whole life cycle of the plant to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

about valveforce

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We support energy contractors and consultants working on renewable energy projects where they may need to partner a specialist in the steam and condensate loop. The types of projects we work on are: New Energy Centres, Energy from Waste, Waste Heat Boiler Plant, Biomass and Bio fuels, Heating and Cooling Distribution, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Water, District heating.

recycleEnvironmental Policy
Valveforce Ltd is committed to meeting the need of its customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities.


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