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  • Using our steam, water and process control expertise in partnership with you to achieve the right technical solution at the right price.

    We offer all the advantages of big company support and back-up, while remaining firmly focused on close customer contact and genuine personal service.

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  • Delivering true value
  • Saving time and effort
  • Giving peace of mind
  • Right Solution Right Price

Independent research amongst our customers proved that our independent detailed technical advice backed up by our high level of customer service and support are the two most important factors for our customers choosing to do business with us.

our design and supply capabilities
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  • Pressurised deaerator & feed water tanks, severe service, turbine bypass valves, heat, flue, gas recovery, water treatment, boiler control and automation.
  • 2 & 3-way linear control valve packages, actuated butterfly and ball valves, pressure, temperature and flow control controllers, transducers
  • Separators, strainers and traps, self actuating regulators with high limit, full lift and safety relief valves, packaged condensate recovery sets
  • Gate, globe, check valves, bellows, sealed isolating valves, basket and y-type strainers, butterfly and ball valves
  • Latest heat transfer technologies, fabricated heat transfer packages, plate and frame, shell and tube, plate and shell complete package
our service capabilities ... our expertise and solutions

From the moment you first contact Valveforce Ltd you benefit from industry leading expertise gained over many years at the forefront of steam and process valve technology.

We are committed to providing industry with the newest technology, consistent high quality, outstanding reliability and higher levels of performance.

Control Valves

Our product Portfolio

  • Steam system specialists
  • Steam system layout engineering & design
  • Energy centre feed water, blowdown and heat recovery
  • Steam controls, steam conditioning and condensate return
  • Control valve experts
  • High pressure energy control valves
  • Linear globe control valves
  • Rotary process control valves
  • Pipeline ancillary packages
  • Gate, globe and check valves
  • Quarter turn butterfly and ball valves
  • Strainers, Steam traps, sight glasses

We support energy contractors and consultants working on renewable energy projects where they may need to partner a specialist in the steam and condensate loop. The types of projects we work on are: New Energy Centres, Energy from Waste, Waste Heat Boiler Plant, Biomass and Bio fuels, Heating and Cooling Distribution, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Water, District heating.

recycleEnvironmental Policy
Valveforce Ltd is committed to meeting the need of its customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities.


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